WDEA Works COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT – Call for Nominations

WDEA Works is a not-for-profit organisation that operates across regional Victoria and South East South Australia, working with people of all ages to develop employment and life skills; to unlock their potential and build their ability.

Our organisational values and culture are about care, empathy, support and action. WDEA Works ensures people can find and maintain employment and social inclusion via a range of settings and opportunities, be it in the workplace, via training courses, supported employment or day care settings.

While the organisation began in Victoria’s south west region, WDEA Works is now part of more than 29 communities across regional Victoria, from the South Australian border, across the Murray Riverland to the Goulburn Murray region. We are an organisation of more than 300 employees, who show great care and empathy for our thousands of clients.

This is why we are now seeking representation of suitably skilled volunteers, located in areas other than our homeland, to fill three (3) vacancies on the WDEA Works Committee of Management.

Ideally, we are seeking members who offer either some or all of the following skills, attributes and experience, to enhance our Governance and strategic management:

  • Lived experience with a disability
  • Proven ability to connect with the community
  • Demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking and planning
  • Accounting and/or financial background with qualification or experience
  • Business training and/or experience
  • Marketing qualification and/or experience

Call for nominations:

Any individual wishing to nominate for the position of Member of the Committee of Management is advised to submit a written application, outlining name, address and the skills, attributes and experience they would bring to the position, and address it to:

The Chair

WDEA Works Committee of Management

C/O 52 Fairy Street


Applications must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 20 October 2017.

Further information is available by contacting WDEA Works COM Secretary either on 03 5561 2579 or info@wdeaworks.org.au

Mark Koch | Director of Finance and Governance

Our Committee of Management

The WDEA Works Committee of Management is made up of six (6) members, who have an interest in the local community, and the organisation’s work to positively change people’s lives.

Current members of the Committee of Management are:

  • Ms Mary Graham (Chair)
  • Mr Donald Carter (Secretary)
  • Mr Greg Moon (Treasurer)
  • Mr Neil Smith
  • Mr Keith Haines
  • Mr Michael Obst
  • Mr Neville Vick
  • Ms Patricia (Trish) McLean

The Committee currently meets monthly, on the last Wednesday of each month.

To reach a member of the Committee of Management, please contact our Corporate Office at:

52 Fairy Street


PH: 03 5561 2579

Tollfree: 1300 521 511

E: info@wdeaworks.org.au