The WDEA Charitable Trust was formed in 2004 with an objective to assist people with disabilities, or those highly disadvantaged by other factors, to achieve employment or access to employment opportunities. Grants of up to $10,000 can be made to individual programs or projects that demonstrate the ability to meet the objective of the Trust. The total value of WDEA Charitable Trust grants is up to $100,000 each year.

Funds are distributed twice yearly through two funding rounds closing on March 31 and September 30 each year.

Since its inception the WDEA Charitable trust has dispersed approximately $756,000 to a diverse range of community projects across the Western District of Victoria.

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Application criteria and forms are available from all WDEA offices or you can download them from this page.

Official application forms must be used.


Chartiable Trust Application Form

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Charitable Trust Policy PDF


Charitable Trust FAQ

Can I apply for more than $10,000 for any one project?

No, the WDEA Charitable Trust guidelines are firm and no project will be funded for more than $10,000.

Can I apply for ongoing funding?

No, the WDEA Charitable Trust does not provide ongoing funding and ongoing projects must clarify the source/s of ongoing funding when applying for WDEA Charitable Trust funding for any component of their project.

If successful when will I receive the funding ?

Applications close 31st March and 30th September each year, the Charitable Trust panel meets shortly afterwards to evaluate applications.

Final approval is granted by the full WDEA Committee of Management at their meeting on the last Wednesday of April and October. Applicants are notified of the outcome of their application during the following week and payment of grants is made on receipt of your invoice.

When can I submit my application?

Applications can be submitted at any time however the Panel only meets at the specified times to evaluate applications.

Where can I find an application form?

You can find the form to apply for the Charitable Trust here: Charitable Trust