WDEA Community Day Services offer a range of activities for eligible adults with a disability.

Our aim is to assist our clients achieve their life goals and reach their full potential.

At WDEA Community, a key focus is to assist our clients to actively participate in their local community. So the majority of our activities are undertaken in the community with facilities and programs shared with other community members.

Recognising that all people can learn, regardless of their age, WDEA staff focus on teaching new skills whilst reinforcing and improving existing skills. Therefore we incorporate road skills and safety, money handling, personal hygiene, social skills and communication, numeracy, literacy, risk identification and general independent living skills into our activities.

We have a large range of activities that reflect each individual’s interest’s and preferences whether you want to be active, artistic or just social. We believe it is important to enjoy life and have fun.

If you have any suggestions about activities that might suit yourself, our clients or someone you know, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open five days per week (Monday to Friday) from two sites with qualified Disability Support Workers.


43 Atkinson’s lane, Dennington  /  122 Fairy Street, Warrnambool


Swimming Fishing Dining Out Ladies Group (Day Spa)
Gardening Games Cooking Fresh Produce Market
Music Martial Arts Movies Theme Days and Outings
Walking Relaxation Shopping Bike Riding
Scrap-booking Pampering Volunteering RDA (Horse Riding)
Gymnastics Animal Care Arts and Crafts Ten Pin Bowling

Organisations where we volunteer

RSPCA Meals on Wheels Merrivale Primary School
Food Share Anglicare Lighthouse Theatre

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