Employer FAQ

How much does it cost?

WDEA is a free service. We can advertise your vacancy online through Jobsearch.gov.au. We can also use our own client-base search to identify any immediately suitable candidates for you, all at no cost.

WDEA can also create an effective display ad for your business to be run as a separate stand-alone advertisement. These types of ads are billed to you at WDEA’s current discounted rate with local newspapers.

What services do you provide?

Some of the services WDEA can provide employers include recruitment advice, vacancy advertising, candidate screening and short-listing, as well as providing access to searching our own client data-base for suitable candidates.

We suggest that if you have any queries to contact us. You can use our Contact From, or you can phone or visit your local office and speak to a WDEA staff member.

Why use WDEA?

WDEA is a local service that is flexible and responsive to your business needs. We are able to save you time and money by offering professional advice, a timely service and sourcing suitable job seekers. We also have access to employer incentives for some jobseekers which can include financial subsidies and other options to support you and your new employee.

Jobseeker FAQ

Can I give information to WDEA that I would normally give to DHS Centrelink?
Can WDEA pay for things I can’t afford?

WDEA may provide some funding for things that are directly related to employment, however we cannot fund general expenses such as utility bills, car registration, travel costs, traffic infringement notices, etc.

Can you help me with my DHS Centrelink Income Support?

As WDEA is a separate organisation to Centrelink and we do not specialise in welfare payments we cannot provide strict advice or make any changes to your income support. WDEA staff may be able to make a suggestion in certain circumstances, however you should contact Centrelink for proper advice or if you require action to be taken regarding any income support payment.

How will registering with WDEA effect my DHS Centrelink payments?

WDEA do not have access to all of DHS Centrelink information, and therefore cannot provide advice on how your income benefits may be effected. Normally it is always more financially beneficial for jobseekers on income support to work, however we recommend you discuss this with DHS Centrelink to determine how your DHS Centrelink services will be effected.

I am already working but would like help to find employment. Can WDEA assist me?

Normally WDEA can only register jobseekers that are not working, or are working a small number of hours. In some situations we may be able to help you keep your current job if it is at risk. We recommend you send us an enquiry using our Contact Form providing details of your current circumstances and a WDEA staff member will assess whether we are able to assist.

I am not on an allowance and not working, Can WDEA help me look for work?

Yes we can. The type of assistance we can provide will depend on your circumstances, however at the least you will be given access to our job search services. Those with ongoing disability, injury or ill-health may be eligible for specialist support.

I am on a voluntary allowance from Centrelink and not working, can I register with WDEA?

Yes you can. WDEA encourages anyone on a voluntary allowance to make contact so we can provide you information on our programs, and if you are interested we can help you find work.

If I register as a voluntary jobseeker, do I have to participate?

You can withdraw from our services at any time, however while you are registered with WDEA we want to help you find work and will be trying to work with you to achieve this.