WDEA Works is strongly focused on providing employers with skilled people to help you grow your business and are flexible and responsive to your business needs. Time and money are very important to your business – WDEA Works can assist in both areas by offering a timely service and supplying suitable job seekers who may also have generous incentives attached to them. WDEA Works also has access to various options that can assist you and your worker should additional support be required.

We provide:

  • Recruitment advice.
  • Vacancy lodgement services.
  • Candidate screening and short-listing services.
  • Access to the Australian Government Jobsearch website and local news papers to advertise your vacancies.
  • Employees who can be trained in your particular industry.

Skills training of all levels for jobseekers to suit your business needs.

WDEA Works is in more than 20 locations across Western and Northern Victoria and South East South Australia. Our professional staff will work closely with you to find the people you need to help grow your business. WDEA Works can search our online database of clients for suitable candidates and also provide free advertising through the Australian Government Jobsearch website. WDEA Works can also assist with local newspaper advertising. You can lodge and advertise as many jobs as you like.