WDEA Enterprises dates back to 1955 when it was previously established as ‘Yalunda Support Services’ for people with disabilities in Warrnambool, Hamilton and surrounding communities in the South West region of Victoria.

WDEA took on INTEG Lawn mowing and Gardening, based out of Terang, in 2007 Now known as Clear Cut Terang. This allowed WDEA to further diversify the services it could offer and was the first Australian Disability Enterprise operated by WDEA.

In 2011 Western District Employment Access was able to start working with the service as a result of a Vantage endorsed takeover. Now known as WDEA Enterprises, our Australian Disability Enterprises (commonly referred to as ADE’s) continue to support over 100 people with disabilities to access supported employment opportunities at businesses located in Warrnambool and Hamilton.

WDEA Enterprises relies on funds provided by State and Commonwealth Governments and from income from business sales in order to operate its services.