Do I get holidays from WDEA Enterprises?

Yes WDEA Enterprises employees are entitled to pro rata holidays according to the award they are paid under.

Do people with disabilities at WDEA Enterprises have a ‘fair say’? How?

Yes in several different ways.

One way for people to ‘Have a Say’ is to become a part of the Employee Representative Committee. Also, everyone is invited to contribute news and events to WDEA Enterprises to share important milestones and be a part of strategic planning and continuous improvement projects and events. WDEA Enterprises encourages people to attend training about advocacy and rights, health, wellbeing, as well as workplace safety.

How can I be sure that I will be safe at WDEA Enterprises?

WDEA Enterprises will provide a safe working environment where everybody is made welcome and safe.

Every year WDEA Enterprises have people come and check to make sure we are doing a good job and the environment is safe; these people are called auditors – if we are doing a good job we receive a certificate.

WDEA Enterprises also have our own Safety people who check all equipment and buildings and report any faults to our Managers.

What time does WDEA Enterprises Open for Business?

WDEA Enterprises business operating hours are 8am – 4pm MONDAY TO FRIDAY