WDEA Works benefits clients and employers

WDEA Works offers a range of services to benefit both clients and employers

WDEA Works values all clients and treats them with empathy, dignity and respect, and aims to provide the best possible service available. WDEA Works has a range of programs that suit many people’s varying requirements – from working with people of all ages to develop employment and life skills, to assistance in finding and maintaining employment in a range of settings. WDEA Works’ end goal is to provide a means of community participation to its clients that will in-turn promote an increase in social inclusion and an improvement in well-being.

Some benefits that our clients experience are:

  • Support in their chosen program
  • Building of confidence and self-esteem
  • Contribution to community
  • Increasing self-worth
  • Development of social and general life skills
  • Providing a pathway to independence

For businesses, WDEA Works offers a range of benefits and services that can be utilised at no or little cost to employers. These include:

  • Recruitment advice.
  • Vacancy lodgement services.
  • Candidate screening and short-listing services .
  • Access to the Australian Government Jobsearch website and local newspapers to advertise your vacancies.
  • Employees who can be trained in your particular industry.
  • Skills training of all levels for job seekers to suit your business needs.

WDEA Works also operates a number of Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE) or supported work environments, administered from WDEA Works’ Enterprises Division, at our Albert Street, Warrnambool site. WDEA Works is continually trying to innovate and source new employment opportunities for its WDEA Works SEE staff and would welcomely discuss any potential benefits to interested businesses or organisations. Some of the benefits that WDEA Works can provide to business include:

  • A contracted workforce to complete individual tasks / projects.
  • Projects may be short-term, long-term or seasonal, and can be a once-off or ongoing requirement.
  • A cost-effective labour force.
  • Supervision of workers supplied.
  • Work can be undertaken at the WDEA Works Albert Street site.
  • Participate in community development by providing work for our WDEA Works staff.
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