Building confidence with Disability Employment Services for employers and employees.

WDEA Works Geelong has been open for business for 12 months. Over the past year people have been dropping in for a coffee and a chat, our friendly Geelong team help jobseekers find suitable work that meets their needs. Disability Recruitment advice is what our Geelong branch specialises in.

Over the past few months Denise has been working with Simy who has been looking to return to the workforce after a battle with illness. Simy came across WDEA Works online reviews and visited our office for some recruitment advice. WDEA Works Employment Consultant Denise, knew Simy would be a perfect fit for a local retailer who had been looking for someone to assist with inventory management on a weekly basis, as this task needed additional resources.

Brown’s Mensland is a Geelong apparel institution, located in central Geelong. Owner Cameron Brown had previously spoken with WDEA Works and advised that he was really looking for someone who could assist with inventory management on a weekly basis, as this task was currently being undertaken by himself.

“The best part about having Simy around is the confidence I get that the inventory is accurate … so I’m not spending my time second guessing the reporting.’ – Cameron

WDEA Works Disability Employment Consultant Denise knew that Simy would be a perfect fit for Cameron’s business as she had previously completed a Bachelor of Commerce. Simy however was not so sure, her illness had drained all of her energy and shaken her confidence. Denise worked closely with Simy and supported her in her transition back to work. Simy is now a valued member of the Brown’s team and returning to work has helped build her confidence and given her a brighter outlook for the years ahead.

“I was very excited, I was a bit nervous, there were up’s and down’s in my life for the last  couple of years. Working after so long, I was very happy” – Simy

Are you looking for work? WDEA Works supports you to build your capacity for work and helps you find and keep a job that suits your needs. WDEA Works Disability Employment Services Geelong helps develop your skills, provides on-the-job training, manages barriers to employment, liaises with employers and provides ongoing support.

If you are not based in Geelong don’t worry WDEA Works has offices all over Victoria and parts of South Australia. Established as a Warrnambool disability service provider in 1989, WDEA Works is now one of the largest providers of disability employment services and mainstream job vacancies so visit one of our offices and see how WDEA Works Disability Employment Services can help you.

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