Thinking about becoming qualified in Early Childhood Education & Care? Kick start your career by choosing the right training provider

Thinking about becoming qualified in Early Childhood Education & Care? Kick start your career by choosing the right training provider

For individuals living in Victoria; choosing the correct organization that is the best fit for you to study your Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care is fundamental in launching a successful career in the Childcare industry.

Kyla Smith has just one assessment left before completing her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care which she has studied through WDEA Works Training in Portland. Kyla also works at the Heywood Early Learning Centre gaining invaluable on the job experience whilst studying “I decided to go into Early Childhood Learning because I’ve always enjoyed being around children. I love watching children learn and grow, reach milestones and being able to give them amazing opportunities through Early Childhood Education.”

We asked Kyla why she chose to study through WDEA Works Training “After looking at other education providers around me I was impressed with how helpful and supportive the WDEA Works Training team was during my initial decision-making process. My education through WDEA Works Training has been thoroughly enjoyable, I have loved the people and the course” said Kyla.

Both the Certificate and Diploma courses run by WDEA Works Training are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to build confidence in the workplace. WDEA Works Training offers two pathways to study, the first includes a combination of classroom and placement-based learning whilst the second option is for those already working in the industry, called industry-based that doesn’t involve class attendance. WDEA Works Training understand that we all live busy and sometimes complex lives, it is this support and understanding that people require to ultimately succeed, this is reflected in a successful graduate employment rate of 90%.

Due to the standard of training, support and flexibility provided, over 60 Early Learning Centre’s across Victoria have chosen to affiliate themselves with WDEA Works Training for Early Childhood Education and Care courses.

Jorgina Sarahs, the Owner, Director and a Kinder Teacher at Heywood Early Learning Centre (HELC) where Kyla is currently employed is well versed with what it takes to succeed in the Childcare industry. “I have over 25 years’ experience in the industry including 16 years running HELC and I`m passionate about early childhood education, and love to see students coming into the industry with the same drive and passion. I believe that it is something that cannot be taught, to do it well – you must love what you do.”

Image of Jorgina Sarahs & Kyla Smith

Pictured: Jorgina Sarahs and Kyla Smith

“WDEA Works Training have really impressed me with the quality of student displayed by Kyla Smith. She has had the drive, motivation and passion that I look for in future staff members. She always understands the areas she is working on, it was very clear from the outset this came from her training and the mentor she has in her teacher Raelyne (Kyla’s WDEA Works Trainer & Assessor). Kyla’s standard of work ethic is very high and very noticeable from when I first met her. I had no concerns in having her as a member of our team” said Jorgina.

“The standard of training provided by WDEA Works Training is much higher than any other service provider I`ve had through my doors. I would be happy to support any future students from what I’ve experienced with Kyla and Raelyne. I have found them to have an understanding of outcomes, regulations and ethics, that normally I would have to train and help the student to understand. This was never the case with Kyla, I could see very clearly the direction and tutoring she had received was of a high standard.”

“The WDEA Works Trainer, Raelyne has proven to be very supportive and easy to talk to – she is also very respectful in my workplace. It is clear that because WDEA Works Training have employed trainers with a background and industry experience they are delivering engaged and good quality educators into the sector. Thank you for intrusting me as a place to support your students, it has been a pleasure. Said Jorgina

WDEA Works Training is thrilled to be able to share with you Kyla and Jorgina’s story about the fulfilment of working in Early Childhood Education.

WDEA Works Training offers both the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Course and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care across eight Victorian sites.
The next course intake for Horsham training in Early Childhood Education and Care will be late October 2019.
If you’re looking for a fulfilling career in Early Childhood Education and Care and would like to register your interest or find out more please visit or phone1800 566 066.

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