WDEA Works Portland & Small Businesses get behind AccessAbility Day to provide valuable experience to jobseekers

WDEA Works Portland & Small Businesses get behind AccessAbility Day to provide valuable experience to jobseekers

WDEA Works Portland and several local Portland businesses participated in AccessAbility Day, an initiative designed to provide valuable on-the-job experience to jobseekers with a disability.

AccessAbility Day is an Australian Government initiative providing a pathway for employers to connect with our current Disability Employment Services (DES) jobseekers, looking for work. It is an opportunity for employers to explore the concept of employing a jobseeker with a disability, while also providing an opportunity for jobseekers to gain insight into a particular job or type of work. AccessAbility Day 2019 ran from the 25th-29th of November.

“We’re really proud of the Portland business community for getting behind this initiative,” said Alicia Mesley an Employment Consultant WDEA Works Portland. “We found AccessAbility Day placements for eight of our jobseekers, many of these with local small businesses who were keen to learn more about how jobseekers with disabilities can contribute to their organisation. Some of the organisations who participated in AccessAbility Day hadn’t worked with WDEA Works before and we found their willingness to participate a great reflection of the culture within these organisations and the Portland community.”

Our AccessAbility Day jobseekers felt their confidence grew from positive feedback they received from their employer and they felt the experience had provided them with an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

Alicia commented, “I’d like to acknowledge and thank Gunna’s Surf & Sport, Elijah’s Sportspower, Harbour Lights, McLeanview Farms, Richmond Henty Hotel Motel, Glenelg Shire Council, Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly and Community Health Service & Lawrence and Hanson Electrical who all got behind AccessAbility Day as well as the Australian Government for rolling out this initiative. The obligation-free opportunity for employers and jobseekers alike to test their compatibility provides a valuable opportunity to gain insights which are best understood through personal experience.”

WDEA Works Jobseeker Jono Malseed enjoyed the experience of working with L & H Electrical for AccessAbility Day

WDEA Works Portland celebrated International Day for People with Disabilities on Tuesday 3rd December with a thank you event for those who participated in AccessAbility Day. “We’re already planning our 2020 AccessAbility Day and we encourage any businesses who are interested in learning more to get in touch”. said Alicia.

WDEA Works is one of regional Australia’s leading providers of the Federal Government’s jobactive and Disability Employment Service programs. This means we are among the best in the country at helping people to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

WDEA Works also creates solutions for businesses and employers. We offer a free service for employers looking to recruit new staff or refine the skills of their existing workforce.

This service includes advertising of job vacancies, screening applications, skills matching and advice about training options. Our goal is to help you make your business better, via the people you employ. Drop-in and enjoy a coffee with the WDEA Works Portland team at 35 Bentinck Street.

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