Industrious Local with Disability Thriving in New Job with help from WDEA Works Bendigo

Grayson Anderson never thought that something as simple as finding work would change his entire outlook on life. In November 2019, Grayson joined the administration department at Elliot Bros motorcycle dealership, working on their database and website.

Klynton Fox, owner of Elliot Bros, understands the value that becoming an inclusive organisation has brought to his business. Through use of WDEA Works candidate screening and disability recruitment services Bendigo, Klynton was able to find just the right man for the job.

“Grayson is a valued part of the Elliot Bros team. His attention to detail is incredible and he has helped us as a business find small ways to make our service and organisational culture more inclusive”, said Klynton.

Grayson has autism, and experiences limited attention span and difficulty communicating. Until joining WDEA Works in 2019 he hadn’t been given an opportunity to work.

Klynton worked closely with Grayson’s disability employment service provider Bendigo, WDEA Works . Together, they ensured that Grayson’s transition into work went smoothly. They worked collaboratively to create a work environment where Grayson felt safe, giving him a purpose in life and improving his communication skills.

WDEA Works Bendigo continues to support Klynton and Grayson, navigating any challenges they face and ensuring they both have the support they need to create a successful working relationship.

Grayson is the first to admit that the job has changed his life.

“I love learning new skills, I love work and I now feel like I have a future”, he said.

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Klynton & Grayson standing in front of Elliot Bros Business
Klynton & Grayson standing in front of Elliot Bros Business
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