WDEA Works’ Innovative Program Empowers Job Seekers in Mt Gambier to Overcome Employment Barriers

WDEA Works’ Innovative Program Empowers Job Seekers in Mt Gambier to Overcome Employment Barriers

WDEA Works celebrates the successful completion of a transformative 6-week group program

WDEA Works, a leading employment service provider, is delighted to announce a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of job seeker empowerment. A group of talented Mt Gambier individuals in their 20s recently triumphed over employment barriers, thanks to an innovative 6-week program designed by the exceptional WDEA Works Team Leader, Jenny Brown.

Throughout the comprehensive program, these ambitious job seekers were equipped with essential skills necessary for employment preparation. They received specialised training in various areas, including cutting-edge job searching techniques, resume writing expertise, SMART goal setting activities, and the intricacies of social media etiquette. Additionally, the participants focused on fostering self-assurance and meaningful engagement, enabling them to cultivate the mindset and abilities required to excel in their job search.

One of the program’s standout highlights was the culminating session, where the job seekers donned their finest interview attire and took to the streets of Mt Gambier. Brimming with confidence, they engaged with potential employers across diverse industries. This immersive experience not only allowed them to put their newfound skills into practice but also honed their ability to effectively communicate with prospective employers.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the remarkable journey these job seekers have embarked upon,” said Tammie Hawke, Mt Gambier WDEA Works Site Manager. “Their achievements serve as a testament to the incredible power of group sessions and the invaluable role of social connections in surmounting barriers to employment.”

If you find yourself facing similar hurdles in your quest for employment, WDEA Works warmly invites you to reach out for support. With an array of programs on offer, including Disability Employment Services (DES), School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES), Workforce Australia, and many more, WDEA Works is committed to helping job seekers develop the vital skills and confidence required to thrive in their job search. Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting WDEA Works Mt Gambier today.

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