We understand that sometimes before people are ready to take on a job, they may need assistance in areas of their life that aren’t directly related to work.

We work with a wide range of support services so we can help you overcome any personal challenges you may be facing.

By working together with local support services, we can address any barriers and challenges to ensure positive outcomes. WDEA Works is proud to partner with local support services to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, and is always looking for new partnership opportunities. Currently, we have a strong relationship with a wide range of services including:

• Mental health and wellbeing services
  • Community Health services
  • Psychological services
  • Psychiatric services
  • Drug and Alcohol services
  • General health services
  • Financial counselling services
  • Crises accommodation services
  • Indigenous services
  • Ethnic councils
  • Hospitals
  • GP doctors clinics
  • Youth at risk services

The links to these key services can be crucial in overcoming personal challenges or barriers to employment, and we strive to ensure the right referrals are in place so all of our clients are supported in the best way possible. 

WDEA Works Schools Support Program

The WDEA Works Schools Support Program assists students with a disability, injury or health condition, to find and maintain employment on the open labour market. We have a strong history of working with local schools and support services providers to help students transition to employment, and we would love to join you on this exciting journey!

Who can be involved?

Although it’s aimed at students in their final year of school, the WDEA Works School Support Program is also open to students just about to leave school, as part of the new Australia-wide Disability Employment Services (DES) program. Therefore, we work closely with students, schools and other community-based support services.

Here’s what we’ll do

• Work with you to develop an employment plan
• Assess and address any barriers to employment
• Build your pre-employment skills
• Provide help and advice throughout the process
• Directly promote you to employers
• Negotiate career-focussed employment at award wages, tailored to your individual needs
• Provide continued support in the workplace so you can become independently employed and excel in your new field of employment

• We will explain the ins and outs of the Schools Support Program, and how it ties into the DES
• Outline eligibility criteria, current incentives and referral procedures
• Discuss how we’ll work together and link with existing programs, such as Job Search Australia (JSA) and Association of Accredited Certifiers (AAC)
• Meet with parents and students either at the school or the WDEA Works office, to ensure all parties understand the School Support Program requirements, aims and opportunities.

• Notify you as soon as the right candidate comes along for your vacancy
• Ensure you have the most current information about the DES program and NDIS
• Provide ongoing intermittent assistance to ensure great outcomes for both your company and your new employee, as they transition into the workforce.

More information

Contact your nearest WDEA Works office and make an appointment to discuss how we can tailor our assistance to suit you and your situation.


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