We can help you find the right employee!

Are you looking for staff or ready to take the next step with your business?

Ease the burden of your workload and take the headache out of recruitment and searching for staff by chatting with a member of our team. WDEA Works is a community focused not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting local employers and job seekers for over 30 years. We are here to assist your business needs with a pool of job seekers ready to find employment.

Contact your nearest WDEA Works office to discuss how we can help you find the perfect employee for your business!

We listen to your business needs!

We understand this is a tough time for business owners, managers, and staff and that’s why we will listen to your needs and provide support for new hires.  Although we are not a recruitment agency, our staff take an innovative approach to helping businesses fulfil process or role requirements. If you operate with a casual labour force, need staff who are up-skilled or just want someone reliable and trustworthy we can assist.

How WDEA Works can help employers and businesses

Our staff are passionate about helping local employers to find the right staff to suit their workplace culture and needs. We can support you with:

  • Internal candidate screening and interview support
  • A candidate base with a diverse range of skills and experience
  • Subsidies and financial assistance to help with employing and training new staff
  • Training and qualifications for candidates to help them up-skill for the job
  • On the job or off-site employee/employer support for as long as is needed
  • WDEA Works candidate short-listing

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What to expect when working with WDEA Works

Some people may consider the WDEA Works ‘business support’ to be recruitment, but we think what we offer is more like business matchmaking or networking.
When working with us you can expect:
    • Staff who care about your business, your welfare and that of the job seekers who are employed with your business
    • To leave judgement and bias behind, WDEA Works operates in accordance with our values of respect, empathy, innovation and integrity
    • You will only be recommended candidates and employees appropriate for your business, we know that for employment to be meaningful and ongoing it must also be suitable for both the employer and job seeker
    • Whether you are looking for someone that has relevant experience and skills or someone that is new to your industry, our aim is to find employees who are loyal, reliable, capable, eager to up-skill and provide your business with an amazing opportunity.
    • Access to free or subsidised training, uniforms, and qualifications to allow your new hire to grow with your business
    • Access to subsidies and financial assistance to help your new hire get started (regardless of your business turnover)


Services Provided