WDEA Works Disability Employment Services (DES) helps people with disability, injury or health conditions find and keep a job.

We make sure our clients are ready for work by building skills and addressing barriers to employment. We source job opportunities and provide on-the-job training and long-term support for both employers and employees.  In partnership, we work with clients at a suitable pace to find employment which best matches their needs and capabilities.

How to get started with WDEA Works

You can get started by registering with WDEA Works in two ways:

  • through a Services Australia referral or
  • by directly registering with us

To register directly, simply contact your closest WDEA Works office and a friendly Consultant will help you through the process.

How it works

We get to know you

Once we start working with you, you will be assigned an Employment Consultant who will work with you to understand the types of assistance you may need and the most suitable jobs. Your Employment Consultant will discuss with you your interests, skills, qualifications, experience and required assistance in order to help you set achievable goals and work towards them.

Your Employment Consultant will work with you every step of the way, from when you commence in our service, through to helping you prepare for work, and then liaising with employers on your behalf to help you get a job and keep it. This way you can get to know and understand each other and we can help provide the assistance that should be best for you.

We help you prepare and find a job

We understand that sometimes before people are ready to take on a job they need assistance in areas of their life that aren’t directly related to work.  We work with a wide range of services so we can help you overcome any personal challenges you may be facing.  We will talk to you about any difficulties we can help you with by providing access to the right services.

WDEA Works provides a range of assistance tailored to each of our clients which may include:

  • Regular catch-ups
  • Assisting you with job applications
  • Assessing your strengths and skills
  • Assisting you with your resumé
  • Conducting practice job interviews
  • Helping you understand how to search for jobs using all means, including face to face and online
  • Offering career guidance
  • Helping you access other services that provide support for issues that aren’t employment related
  • Speaking to employers on your behalf about possible jobs
  • Using our existing network of employers to find you a job
  • Accessing the hidden job market
  • Offering you relevant training and skills building
  • Offering education and training to your co-workers (if required)

On-going support

Once we have helped you find a job you will then receive as much or as little support as necessary to make sure things are going well in your job and that you will be able to keep working in that job for as long as you like.

You will continue to see your Employment Consultant who will make sure certain things happen such as:

  • You are being paid at the correct rate and receiving entitlements such as superannuation, sick and annual leave, meal breaks, penalty rates etc
  • You are working in a safe and supportive environment
  • Your employer and colleagues receive any training necessary for you to successfully manage your job
  • You understand the need to declare your earnings to Services Australia and the effect this may have on your payment/pension
  • You are managing your employment and working toward future independence in the workplace
  • You have any necessary modifications provided to assist you to do your job to the best of your ability
  • You can talk to your Employment Consultant about how you are feeling at work, including future aspirations, and we can help you achieve them.

Your Employment Consultant will discuss any of your concerns with your employer to help resolve them.

Your WDEA Works Employment Consultant will also liaise with your employer to make sure your pay and conditions are appropriate.

WDEA Works currently provides Disability Employment Services in the following locations:

Disability Management Service (DMS) Employment Support Service (ESS)
Ararat y y
Ballarat y y
Bendigo y y
Castlemaine y y
Colac y y
Corio y y
Geelong y y
Hamilton y y
Horsham y y
Mildura y y
Mount Gambier y y
Portland y y
Shepparton y  y
Stawell y y
Swan Hill y y
Warrnambool y y

The Department of Social Security has recently contacted DES participants about pending changes to the program, due to come into play from 1 July 2018. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about these changes and how they may impact you. Otherwise, speak to your WDEA Works Employment Consultant for more information.

More questions? Want to register with us?

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