What is the WDEA Works Foundation?

The WDEA Works Foundation is a fund established to support activities in the communities in which we operate, so that organisations can improve access and opportunity to people living with a disability.

Since it started in 2004, the WDEA Works Foundation has distributed more than 1.2 million dollars to various businesses and community organisations around Victoria.

As a community based, not-for-profit organisation, WDEA Works channels funding back into our regional communities through the WDEA Works Foundation and specialist support programs that provide quality employment services for employers and job seekers.

WDEA Works is proud to be part of the communities it serves and therefore, provides assistance to community organisations to assists those living with a disability.

WDEA Works Foundation Purpose:

The WDEA Works Foundation provides assistance to community organisations to assist those living with a disability.

The WDEA Works Foundation aims to reduce barriers for people living with a disability to participate in community life.

The WDEA Works  Foundation promotes inclusiveness, through group activities specifically targeted to disability.

The WDEA Works Foundation enables people living with a disability to develop skills and grow within their community.

WDEA Works Values:

Integrity: WDEA Works will act with honesty, trust and transparency at all times, and respond without bias and in a fair and objective way.  We will always act with accountability and follow through on our Foundation commitments

Respect: WDEA Works accepts all people are unique, worthy and something to contribute, we will recognise diversity.

Empathy: We take into account everyone’s perspective, recognising that everyone’s experiences and perceptions can be different to our own.

Innovation: WDEA Works approach is one of innovation we continually look for better ways to tackle challenges, and we understand that innovations can be of all sizes and at all levels.