WDEA Works community grants and funding programs


Once again, the WDEA Works Foundation is providing $100,000 worth of community grants.

Applicants can apply for a grant of up to $5,000.

The WDEA Works Foundation provides assistance to community organisations to assist those living with a disability.

The WDEA Works Foundation aims to reduce barriers for people living with a disability to participate in community life.

The WDEA Works  Foundation promotes inclusiveness, through group activities specifically targeted to disability.

The WDEA Works Foundation enables people living with a disability to develop skills and grow within their community.



The WDEA Works Foundation’s 2021 purpose will be fulfil the WDEA Works Values:

Integrity: WDEA Works will act with honesty, trust and transparency at all times, and respond without bias and in a fair and objective way.  We will always act with accountability and follow through on our Foundation commitments

Respect: WDEA Works accepts all people are unique, worthy and something to contribute, we will recognise diversity.

Empathy: We take into account everyone’s perspective, recognising that everyone’s experiences and perceptions can be different to our own.

Innovation: WDEA Works approach is one of innovation we continually look for better ways to tackle challenges, and we understand that innovations can be of all sizes and at all levels.