Contact Us:
(03) 5564 5200
11 Albert St, Warrnambool, VIC 3280
Open: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm

What we do

Based primarily at Albert St Warrnambool, eWaste dismantles and sorts televisions, computers and a huge variety of electrical equipment into recyclable components, with the objective of creating a more sustainable environment. We also have a smaller satellite site located out of Nigretta of Hamilton.

With government policy changes you are no longer able to place any E-waste in landfill. That’s where we come in. Our dynamic team process over 225,000 kilograms of electrical products every year and converts waste into reusable resources while diverting it from landfill.

Using our services

If you’re looking to drop off E-waste products you can visit either our Warrnambool or Hamilton locations. See the list below for types of E-waste you can dispose of and their costs.

Products we take at no cost:
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supplies)
  • Cables and wire
  • Computers
  • Computer gaming consoles
  • Computer connected speakers
  • Flat screen TV’s
  • Anything that plugs into or connects to a computer
Products we take costing $1-5:
  • Kitchen & cooking appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Electronic toys
  • Irons & ironing boards
  • Home phones
  • Power tools
  • Lighting & lamps
Products we take costing $5-$20:
  • White goods (eg. washing machines) – excluding fridges
  • Stereo equipment, amplifiers, turntables
  • Garden tools and powered equipment
  • Air conditioners & fans
  • Bicycles
Products we do NOT take:
  • Items covered in/or contain fur, foam or fabric (eg. soft toys, electric blankets)
  • Items that are contaminated with organic material (eg. garden equipment)
  • Items that may pose a risk from material or content (eg. light globes, smoke detectors, liquid or solid residue)
  • Items with a glass or mirror

If you have any queries please contact us at (03) 5564 5200.

Work with us

As part of WDEA Works Social Enterprises you can apply to join our team at eWaste. At eWaste you will be provided with valuable and practical employment opportunities in a caring, inclusive and social environment.

Our participants can expect:

  • To work in a safe, supported and social environment
  • To meet new people and connect with the community
  • To be supported based on their specific needs
  • Quality training and support
  • The opportunity to gain new skills
  • The opportunity to build their confidence

Services Provided