An NDIS Social & Community Participation Activity

Whether you want to shred on the guitar, bash the skins on a drum kit, play the piano or sing – it’s your choice in The Beat Lab.

Learn, have fun and jam with friends!

Choose an electric guitar for big rock songs. Try the acoustic for a more laid-back sound. Bang on the drums and make some serious noise! Try some softer melodies on the piano or keyboard. And, sing along to all your favourite songs. The amazing benefits of music:

  • Music makes you happier
  • Music lowers stress and improves health
  • Music reduces depression
  • Music strengthens learning and memory

NDIS Funding

Disability Support Provided – currently provided through your NDIS Plan.

Pricing for support is currently set by the NDIS. Unit price subject to change, depending on the, current NDIS price guide.

Price levels are the maximum that providers can charge NDIS participants for their services in line with current NDIS price guide.

This activity can be funded through the NDIS ‘Social and Community Participation’ Funding.

Program fees may apply to this activity.

Services Provided