Social Impact

WDEA Works is a community based, not-for-profit organisation. Simply, this means we put our surplus funds to work in our local communities.

We support our communities in two ways:  As a Disability Employment Service (DES) Provider we positively impact the lives of jobseekers and employers. And, through our WDEA Works Foundation, we use the surplus funding to provide inclusive opportunities to people living with disability. Indirectly, our clients and employers can feel proud that they’re also helping to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Since 2004, the WDEA Works Foundation has given over $1.5 million dollars to our local communities. We’ve funded a wide range of community projects, from something as simple as an access ramp at a community centre, to beehives used to produce honey for a farm-to-table VET programme. We’re proud of our part in helping people improve their lives, but the satisfaction is in helping community organisations like the Centre for Participation (Horsham), Pathways to Employment (Portland), Anglicare (Warrnambool), Passport to Employment (Colac), The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion (Bendigo), State Festival (Castlemaine), Red Cliffs East Primary School (Mildura). We’ve been able to help these organisations to expand their support to people living with disability in our communities.

In the past financial year we’ve been privileged to work with some wonderful community partners, making contributions to the following projects/sponsorships.

Our contributions are giving vulnerable groups more opportunities to participate within our local communities. We’re incredibly proud to take part in these projects, and we’ll continue our goal of working towards social inclusion.

Community Partners                        Diversity and Inclusion