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Build your confidence and skills today!

WDEA Works Training can help you get the skills you need for study, work and life.

Across 4 days, our understanding and experienced trainers will provide you with practical and relevant tools to help you achieve your goals.

These courses are designed to support you build the knowledge and confidence you need to get a job or undertake further education.

Work Readiness
20 Hours (4 x sessions)

Cost: FREE

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Group 1 21 June 2021 10am-3pm 22 June 2021 10am-3pm 28 June 2021 10am-3pm 1 July 2021 10am-3pm
Group 2 09 August 2021 10am-3pm 10 August 2021 10am-3pm 16 August 2021 10am-3pm 17 August 2021 10am-3pm

This course focuses on developing your motivation, a can-do attitude and understanding of the employment market. You will be given tools and tips for finding and applying for jobs.
You will learn how your unique skills and knowledge can be included in your resume as well as how to present your ‘best self’ at interviews and in the workplace. This course can be a step
towards further non-accredited or accredited learning.

  • Enhance your confidence in entering the job market
  • Obtain tools and tips for finding employment
  • Improve interview and resume writing skills
  • Enhance your motivation and attitude toward employment opportunities
  • Discover workplace expectations
  • Free of charge for eligible participants

Personal Improvement
20 Hours (4 x sessions)

Cost: FREE

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Group 1 26 July 2021 10am-3pm 27 July 2021 10am-3pm 02 August 2021 10am-3pm 03 August 2021 10am-3pm

This course has been designed for youth and adults currently seeking employment that may be experiencing anxiety, self-doubt, low motivation, low self-esteem and dealing with job searching
barriers. Often people who are new to job searching feel nervous about the unknown or unfamiliar. Delivered by a supportive and understanding trainer, you will learn how to identify your own
potential, skills, and unique talents to build your confidence. This course will give you self-awareness, tools, and knowledge to seek, apply and retain employment.

  • Increase opportunities to gain and retain employment
  • Develop confidence for seeking employment
  • Overcome employment barriers
  • Free of charge for eligible participants

Available in Warrnambool only at this stage.

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